Reconstruction and Development Project Phase 2 (RDP/2)

RDP/2, initiated in 2018, builds on the achievements and structure of the Camps Project implemented in 2016-2017. This project improved access to basic socio-economic infrastructures to about 54,500 beneficiaries in 23 Barangays in 17 Municipalities and 1 City (Marawi) located in the six previously acknowledged MILF Camps as well as empower about 2,500 community folks through functional literacy. These infrastructures included roads, tirepaths, and a bridge, post-harvets facilities and equipments, level II solar-powered water systems, solar panels, Indigenous People’s tribal halls, and a training center for farmers. It’s literacy component adapated the Alternative Learning System (ALS), which later evoled to include livelihood skills.

The project also worked closely with the Ministry for Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE) of the BARMM in the delivery of the ALS component. The project’s implementation also contibued to build the capacity not only of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), but also of the members of the Task Force in Camps Transformation in each of the 6 camps. The project also utilized the Community Driven Development (CDD) approach to ensure inclusion in decision making processes at the community level. Thus, the formation and capacity building of People’s Organizations (POs) became one of the key component activity of RDP/2.

Before RDP/2 closed in December 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines with lockdowns and limitations in movement imposed since mid-March 2020. Nevertheless, the project was able to deliver even within the constrained COVID-19 context.

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