An evolution of leadership

Muktar Lidasan, a barangay councilor, was a former leader of the Barangay Community Volunteers (BCVs) in Barangay Masulot, Sultan sa Barongis, Maguindanao. The BCVs, organized during the implementation of the Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction Development Program (MTF-RDP), are the focal points for subproject implementation. 

One of the many objectives of the program is to capacitate the BCV’s leadership by strengthening their organization and management skills through the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach. Community members are empowered to participate in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects such as the provision of solar dryers, farm inputs, or water systems. 

Mukhart Lidasan, former BCV, and currently a councilor of Barangay Masulot, shared how the MTF-RDP helped hone his leadership and management skills. Lidasan said the skills he acquired from the trainings conducted by the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) increased his involvement in community affairs and local politics. He explained that the program made him more aware of his community’s needs, and, thus, engendered engagement and leadership. 

"The learning and skills acquired from the trainings conducted by the BDA really helped me. Through those activities, I learned things that I was able to use and apply to make my work better as a leader," he said.

He also shared that as a BCV, he helped build trust and respect among the diverse groups of people in his community by serving as a mediator when there were community concerns over subproject implementation.

Lidasan said that it was his BCV colleagues and the people from their barangay who encouraged him to run for public office.

Now that he is part of the local government unit of the barangay, he remains committed to the BCV. "They were responsible for my election as a village councilor. That’s why I remain to be a leader for them," he said.

For Lidasan, serving the community is beyond the call of duty. It is already a commitment. Even before
BDA came to their barangay, he was active in various local organizations. Lidasan is hopeful that through his position, he can serve his constituents better. 

Hana Kabagani, Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA)
Lifted with some revisions from the Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction Development Program 2013 Annual Report