Builds Capacities of Bangsamoro Institutions

Builds Capacities of Bangsamoro Institutions

Mindanao Trust Fund starts

Supports the government and the Bangsamoro Development Agency in the assessment of development needs of conflict-affected communities


Supports the normalization process and the 2014 Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro by expanding socioeconomic assistance to communities in the Six Acknowledged MILF Camps.

Bangsamoro Solidarity

Provides development assistance to 10 mixed communities (Muslims, Christians, and Indigenous Peoples) and vulnerable groups in Davao, South Mindanao, and Zamboanga Peninsula

Bangsamoro ADVANCE

Expands livelihood and infrastructure support to 50 new communities in the areas of the 25 MILF Base Camps.

Institutional Strengthening Agreement

From July to December, the MTF supported BDA's modernization of operational systems to better deliver services on the ground. It also strengthened the management and financial capacities of 30 best-performing People's Organizations and funded the Bangsamoro Development Plan awareness-building campaign in 29 areas across eight provinces.

Community-based Projects

From 2013 to 2015, the MTF funded 140 community projects which benefited 127,847 people in 65 villages across six regions in Mindanao. This community-based program closed in June 2015.

Mindanao Trust Fund - Reconstruction Development Program is launched

"Learning-by-doing" capacity-building for the Bangsamoro Development Agency commences.

Community-Driven Development program in six pilot sites across Mindanao begins.

A path to development: A hilltop community opens up to the city

"We mattered." 

This was how Barangay Mamaanun described having the mayor--the first government official to set foot in their village--celebrate the completion of the community's tire path. 

An evolution of leadership

Muktar Lidasan, a barangay councilor, was a former leader of the Barangay Community Volunteers (BCVs) in Barangay Masulot, Sultan sa Barongis, Maguindanao. The BCVs, organized during the implementation of the Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction Development Program (MTF-RDP), are the focal points for subproject implementation.