Promotes Economic Opportunity and Access to Services

Promotes Economic Opportunity and Access to Services

The Promise Youth

21-year-old farmer Jomar Cabalo

A recent agricultural seminar Jomar Cabalo attended was an eye-opener for the 21-year-old farmer, as well as other young people his age.

Women Driving Change


The women at Palao sa Buto are looking for ways of making their farming community productive while the men are working in the fields. 

Building a Community’s Dream

Khozayma Langco, Camp Bushra Task Force on Camps Transformation member

Khozayma Langco regards himself as a keeper of his father’s legacy.

Learning Knows No Age

Otong Guimbalang with his Completion Certificate and his fellow ALS completers

Programme for Local Economic Development Through Enlightened Governance and Grassroots Empowerment (PLEDGE)

Builds the Bangsamoro Development Agency's capacity and impact in enterprise development and employment.